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You've reached the website that will show you how to join the Affiliate Marketing School and make an extremely good residual income from CPA programs in the financial services industry.

Disambiguation: A quick search on the Internet shows that there are at least two or three places which call themselves the Affiliate Marketing School. For the purposes of this website, the Affiliate Marketing School in this case deals in the obtaining of the highest quality leads in the UK financial services industry and associated sectors. In return, affiliates get paid top rates for supplying these leads to leading merchants who, over the years, have put great trust in our ability to supply the highest quality data.


Who Am I?

My name is Gordon Goodfellow. I've been in affiliate marketing since 2003 and built my first website in the last century. Before that I spent many years in the market research industry and in data processing, finishing at Barclays Bank Research Unit. I've worked as an SEO specialist since around 2001 and have built over 300 websites, most of them for affiliate programs. Like most people in Internet marketing I joined several affiliate programs related to the sectors that interested me. But when I joined the Affiliate Marketing School in 2009 I found it to be by far the best of all the affiliate organisations available.

My income from affiliate marketing has been far greater than when I was at Barclays Bank; I regularly made six figure incomes every year from all my affiliate marketing work. I took to SEO quite well, gaining #1 organic listings in the major search engines for several 'buy' search terms. The most successful time with the school was with the then UCA program for unenforceable credit agreements. Unfortunately the law has changed so this program no longer exists, but for a long time I had a site which owned the organic search term "write off debt" and other similar terms, appearing at the #1 position on Google and the other major search engines for that keyword and search query. The leads kept coming in, up to twenty a day, as I recall, which led to an effortless residual income all from that one website. How I love SEO!

"Owning" these money-making search terms by having your own site at the #1 organic listings produces a buzz that I cannot really describe, especially since, by using SEO, every visitor and every lead was free! Now I want to enable other people to share my success and lifestyle. If you have the right stuff you can be as successful as the most successful affiliates at the School (the top performing affiliate made a profit of over £98,000 in the month of November 2017). If you think that this is for you then read on....


What is the Affiliate Marketing School?

The Affiliate Marketing School is where affiliates put to use the best SEO and PPC practices to generate leads which are highly targeted and send them to the AMS database where they are then automatically bought by the highest bidding merchant for that category of lead. The affiliate then gets paid for that lead as long as it is valid (correct contact details, not a duplicate already in the database, etc.) and payment is made around the middle of the following month, regularly as clockwork. AMS has a vibrant forum which is where the affiliates (or 'Students') learn a great deal from other members and from their own mentors (their own affiliate managers or 'Headmasters'). Every affiliate is allocated their own Headmaster. Unlike a lot of other affiliate networks, AMS works hard to foster a culture of improvement and success through high quality and continuous best practice, and the mentoring aspect which is built into the structure of AMS is part of that culture of success.


Why Should You Join the Affiliate Marketing School?

You do not have to sell anything. You are paid for leads, not sales (although it is true that these leads are all peole who wish to 'buy' a product or service). You generate the leads and the merchant client will close the sale. The beauty is that you get paid whether or not the sale is made (as long as the lead is valid).

AMS pays its affiliates on time every month, one month in arrears. You get money in your bank account regular as clockwork. With AMS you will never hear nightmare stories as you do about other networks not paying.

The Affiliate Marketing School looks after its affiliates with its unique process and structure of mentoring and via the forum. It provides a nurturing and encouragement of its 'student' affiliates like no other affiliate network and will actively help you to succeed.

A residual income. Once you have your website up and running, you will have this income for as long as the program is running. Once you know what is working you have an income running in the background while you do other things. You will even make money while you're asleep. This is the beauty of any residual income: once the website is set up and working you don't actually need to do much in the way of work.

It costs nothing to join AMS or its forum, and it costs nothing to run any of the affiliate programs.


What Qualities Do I Need to Have To Join AMS?

You need to be:

  1. Competent and motivated, above all else. We need to keep up our reputation as suppliers of the best quality leads for our merchant clients, and they will keep coming back to us. In turn we will get more clients and move into more diverse sectors, meaning more opportunities for making money for everyone.
  2. Determined. Quitters do not achieve, by definition. Expect to make mistakes at the start if you're a newbie, but make sure you learn from those mistakes and make sure you make them early!
  3. Able to write in English confidently and at length. This matters more if you do SEO, as content marketing plays an increasing part in getting your message across on different platforms (social media, etc.) and then linking back to your main (or money) website.
  4. Able to work unsupervised and be highly motivated. The more you work, the more money you will make.
  5. Able to use at least basic editing skills like copy and paste. You don't need to be able to code in HTML (though it helps), but you'll need to have Dreamweaver or its free alternative, Kompozer. You must be able to use the more useful editors such as Notepad and Textpad.
  6. Able to have at least basic skills in using things such as Excel, word processing, saving, copying and renaming files.

You don't need to have any special academic qualifications, but if you do then fine!

You don't need to be resident in the UK or a UK citizen. Even though the affiliate programs available mostly aim at the UK market, many of our best affiliates are actually from outside the British Isles. Many top affiliates are in the USA and Canada; AMS affiliates are also to be found in Europe, Australia, the emerging Asian economies and in South America.

You don't have to have prior experience of affiliate marketing, but if you have then you'll start making money much quicker because you'll know what it's all about. Some people who don't have any prior experience find that they take to it naturally and end up loving it, as I did when I first started many years ago; if you are one of these then you'll discover your perfect job without working!


How is the Affiliate Marketing School Different from Other Affiliate Networks?

At the Affiliate Marketing School we put quality before everything else. The 'lead generation' industry is small and peoples' reputations - good or bad - spread quickly and irrevocably. Go to any forum where leads are discussed, or bought and sold, and you will see the number of threads which degenerate into what are basically slanging matches between suppliers of poor quality leads and the people who buy this worthless commodity and you will see just how much junk there is being peddled out there. Fortunately the suppliers of rubbish data are found out quite quickly (it isn't rocket science) and these people soon have to look for an alternative way to make a living if they can't change their ways and learn to behave. Sometimes these people are just ignorant and dishonest, and sometimes they are just using sloppy procedures for their data collection. Either way, they are found out. They are no use to themselves or anyone else.

The Affiliate Marketing School has a mentoring system which other affiliate networks do not have. By mentoring this means that each affiliate is allocated their own 'Headmaster' (or HM) who sees that the affiliate stays using best practices, although usually the affiliate mentoring takes place via the forum, and affiliates are actively encouraged to ask their questions on the forum rather than directly to their HMs, and the HMs (and also more experienced affiliates) can answer on the forum. That way the issue and the solution is available to everyone to see. If you have a question look on the forum first before posting it, to avoid duplicating what has already been answered.

Joining the forum is by invitation only. It costs nothing to join. Have a look at the posts there and decide if you would like to join as an affiliate. I would be glad to help you (though the chances are you will be well equipped to run under your own steam if you already have a background in website building, SEO or PPC, or an associated skill). But if you don't have any of these skills, then we offer the mentoring whereby you can learn and become an expert yourself. But I always believe in learning by doing. Theory is one thing: practice is real (and earns you money). AMS offers you things that other affiliate networks don't.

Which leads to the next question....


What Do I Need to Do to Join the Affiliate Marketing School?

Affiliates first join the AMS forum and get the feel of it. Depending on your level of experience you may want to get started straight away.

Sign up by clicking this link: , read the paragraph on the usual conditions of posting and then click on the first of the three linked options, "I Agree to these terms, I already have my invitation code and I am exactly or over 18 years of age".

Get familiar with the forum; you'll probably find that you will be returning to it again and again to post questions as well as for reference purposes.

People already experienced in SEO and PPC will find the forum has helpful members who will offer honest and unbiased advice on all sorts of matters of interest to affiliates, and less experienced affiliates will find this of interest, as well as complete newbies. You will be glad to see the no-nonsense tone and content of the forum; our members have seen all the bogus software and advice which circulates from time to time, the latest fads and magic fixes that, in reality, do not exist, but which nevertheless are the scourge of the Internet marketing industry and affiliate marketing in particular.

Then these are the steps you will need to take to actually start making money:

  1. Build a website. You can build this yourself or have it built for you, but you must be able to edit it in order to make any changes that need to be made. You must have a website in order to run affiliate programs. Obviously, you will need a different website for each affiliate program you choose to run.
  2. You need to have your website checked for compliance. AMS has its own compliance officer and he will check the site out.
  3. Once your site is considered to be compliant you will be able to be added to the database.
  4. You log into the database. All codes will be pre-populated with your own affiliate ID so you will be credited for all the revenue your websites earn. You add the code for the application form into the source code of your website, depending on which program(s) you wish to run. If you're not a coder the easiest way to incorporate the application form is to insert the iframe option directly into the code on your site.
  5. It is often recommended that you start with PPC using Google Adwords and/or Bing ads (which are for both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines and which usually cost significantly less per click than Adwords) and by doing this you will see which keywords work best. Then start your SEO campaign with these golden keywords. If you don't have SEO experience the forum is a great place to learn it. I'm also an SEO specialist so post your question on the forum, let me know about it and I'll post a response.
  6. Start your campaign. Tweak it, test everything. Run split A/B tests to see what works best.
  7. Repeat for your next campaign. Enjoy learning by doing. Use your increasing knowledge to increase your income.
  8. Now that you know what works, apply this knowledge and scale up. Repeat the process. Make lots more money as many other affiliate here have done in the past and are still doing.


That's it! Just keep on going till you're making lots of money. The top AMS affiliate made over £98,000 in the month of November 2017. See how close you can get to that!

For more information and some great free resources enter your name and best email address below. I will immediately send you further information. You will be taken to the forum registration page. You have taken your first step to an exciting (but leisurely) new life. If you are made of the right stuff I promise that you will make money, and lots of it.







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